Drinking tea is slowly becoming a habit for more and more people in the United States since they have discovered that it has immense benefits. While this has been a habit in Asia and Europe, it is not as widespread in North America. Lately though it has started to become a conscious habit especially for those who may want to reap the healthy and medicinal benefits of tea drinking.

Tea drinking for beginners. (Photo Credits)

Lola’s Tea House offers a guide on the best teas that new tea drinkers can try as they start their journey on tea drinking.

1. Green Tea – Green tea has immense health benefits and is a good alternative to coffee because of its caffeine content. Some drink it with lemon, some with honey, while others add other herbs. Some of the medicinal benefits of drinking green tea regularly is the level of anti-oxidants that can be found on it which can have anti-cancer properties, and could also help in losing weight. Benefits of Green Tea

2. Chamomile Tea – Ask any tea enthusiast for a relaxing type of tea and she will most likely point to Chamomile tea. Its relaxing properties make it a best tea to drink before bed, while reading a book, or plainly relaxing.

3. Peppermint Tea – If bloating and indigestion usually plagues a person, a cup or two of peppermint tea could be the key. Its fragrant and medicinal property can help in alleviating stomach symptoms especially that which involve hyper acidity and indigestion. History of Tea

 4. Fenugreek Tea – For lactating mothers, drinking fenugreek tea throughout the day can be helpful in terms of increasing milk production. Fenugreek can help because of it is a known galactogogue.

Tea drinking can indeed be pleasurable and beneficial at the same time.